The iSoccerPath Story

The iSoccerPath Story2019-01-23T16:19:50+00:00

In early 2010, Jeff Jaye was a high school soccer asst. coach in the San Ramon Valley High School District, and a volunteer asst. for Coach Hugo Perez at the USSF Market Training Centers.

A mom of a high school senior approached Jeff, and asked if he could help her figure out how to get her son recruited to play college soccer. Her son was a top prospect and playing in the top youth league in the US. However, he was not getting any traction from his club, coaches, or colleges and he was starting his senior season. Jeff took the request and reached out to various contacts within the college community and put a plan together based on info learned throughout those meetings.

These secrets and behind the scenes tips of what college coaches are looking for during the whole process worked and this young man was given an athletic scholarship at a major Division 1 college soccer program! Soon after, Jeff’s own son and daughter were a junior in high school and 8th grader, respectively.

Dallas, his son, was a top prospect and won the USSF DA XI GK of the Yyar as a junior. Spenser, his daughter, had a different experience. She had a serious medical condition that made her miss her whole U14 and U15 years, and was also struggling with a learning disability that affected her test scores.

On top of all of that when she returned to play, she was put on the 2nd team. Long story short, Jeff used the knowledge and skills he learned helping other families, to help his own kids and both ended up on athletic scholarships at Division 1 Universities. Dallas is now playing professionally in the USL after graduating from Xavier University, is half way done with his Masters, and has less than 9k in student loan debt. Spenser has a 3.65 GPA and is considered a leader and role model on her team while still working through her adversities.

Parents of teammates and referrals reached out to Jeff and asked if he could help them . Without hesitation he agreed, he was happy to give back what he had learned and help other students who wanted to play college soccer. In early 2014, the demand from families and club directors became too great  andJeff decided to put together a company based solely on the tenants of helping kids and parents navigate the college process. The whole idea behind the company was to help students reach their goal to play college soccer.

Programs and Growth

Jeff enlisted the advice of college coaches to design the education curriculum, program, and calendar. Former USSF National team coaches became staff eval- uators and Directors, taking no salary or pay and providing technical, tactical and video evaluations for every client. What followed was a year of meetings and adding valuable staff members to key positions, including a counselor to review transcripts and test scores ,to help students stay NCAA compliant.

1st Year Accomplishments

At the end of our first year we are honored to work with over 40 clubs around the country, many of these clubs use iSoccerPath as their college educational resource. We also teach at id camps and college showcases such as Surf Cup, Blues Cup, Rage Showcase, UA College ID Camps and College Soccer Exposure Camps.

Educational Services

iSoccerPath prides itself on being a NCAA assessed college education company, not a recruiting company. Our goal is to help families with college education services designed by actual college soccer coaches, parents of college soccer player and actual college players themselves. We pride ourselves on delivering these services to families as low as $25 a month as well as donate a portion of all proceeds back to the club to help scholarship at need players. We have become the leader in educational services recommended by college coaches, Directors of Coaching and soccer boards across the country!

Our Partners

iSoccerPath is proud to work closely with the following organizations who add value to the youth soccer experience. We have no affiliation nor do we accept any type of monetary referrals from any of our partners. What we do have is a long-standing relationship with the Directors and staff, and we firmly believe in their values, coaching, and expertise.