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iSoccerPath is a unique program for players and their parents, run by current college soccer parents. We counsel parents and players over the course of their high school years to best position them to become a student athlete at the college level.

There is no other comprehensive service in the USA that has the proven success offered by iSoccerPath’s staff for you and your future student-athlete.

The iSoccerPath staff of Directors, before joining iSoccerPath, have helped place over 225 men and women over the past 8 years to colleges across the country.  Players coached and mentored by our current iSoccerPath Directors have accumulated more than $6,000,000 in academic and athletic scholarships to become student athletes to date.

Our Education Director has assisted in placing over 1,000 seniors into over 300 colleges over the past 13 years. Our soccer directors all have major College coaching, college playing, and have spent time coaching or evalutaing our men’s and women’s USSF National Youth teams. Our administrative and education staff both are parents of Division 1 athletic scholarship student-athletes and have been through the process for years, learning all the rules and nuances associated with getting your son/daughter evaluated to play in college along the way .

Quoted from a study done on College Soccer Scholarships in 2016:

  •   More than 303,700 boys and 269,000 girls play high school soccer
  •   Over 61,366 boys and 49,620 girls played soccer as seniors and graduated
  •   There were approx. 928 college programs for boys and 936 for girls– D1,D2,D3 and NAIA
  •   There were 7,000+- spots available on college teams for boys and 7,000+- for girls