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iSoccerPath teaches you how to become a college soccer player.

iSoccerPath is a one of a kind college education program for players and their parent, run by current and former college soccer coaches and parents.  We counsel players and put the right tools in your hands at the exact time in the process to best position you to become a student athlete.

iSoccerPath is not a recruiting or scouting service. We are an educational program that helps student athletes understand the recruiting process. By providing them with college coaches input,  players get their emails opened, videos watched and coaches coming to their games.

  • College Communications Simplified

    Learn the importance of communication with college soccer coaches, secrets to get your emails opened, video’s watched and get coaches to your games.

  • Navigate Your College Journey Saving Time and Money

    Understand what it takes to be invited into a college soccer program.

  • 3 Step Player Evaluation to Target Best Schools

    Evaluation puts you in a position to control your wish list and best fit schools to meet your collegiate soccer goal.

Student Athlete Tested – College Coach Approved

This basic starter program keeps you organized and ensures you fulfill all college identification essentials.

Starting as low as $90

In addition to the basics, receive a personal evaluation, advice and tips to help you succeed in college identification.

Starting as low as $180

Benefits with iSoccerPath

Target dates help player stay on track to earn a coveted roster spot.

Helps students navigate the time consuming, arduous, college identification process.

Informs players of academic requirements, NCAA and NAIA rules and regulations.

Guidance on best fit colleges for player skill and academics.

Players become well versed in their role in the college ID process.

Communicate effectively with coaches through interview and social media training.

What our clients are saying…

We chose iSoccerPath’s Personal Consulting Program For Our Sons & Got Amazing Results!

We were in need of some additional help for our son who was a rising senior. Our club offered some services however, we felt that we needed to be more proactive in the proces. We found iSoccerPath and Jeff Jaye and took advantage of the private consulting package they offered. My son received 6 one… Read more “We chose iSoccerPath’s Personal Consulting Program For Our Sons & Got Amazing Results!”

Extremely knowledgeable on the topic of “Recruiting During the Covid-19 Virus”. 

Jeff & Staff, I just wanted to send a message and share congratulations to you all for developing and hosting the CCL clubs webinar yesterday. We have received positive feedback from our parents and players. I was watching and really enjoyed the timely topics that our families do not always have access to. The College Coaching… Read more “Extremely knowledgeable on the topic of “Recruiting During the Covid-19 Virus”. “

A game changer

Because of our youth sports product, I’ve had the occasion to go into many recruiting company’s portals and your model has done a great job in taking the recruiting process and turning it into an educational model for kids vs. the pay for recruiting one. P.S. I also think that your ability to have the… Read more “A game changer”

iSoccerPath’s “Private Consulting Program” Parent Testimonial

Working with Jeff at iSoccerPath has not only demystified the college admission/athletic commitment process, but also the personal 1:1 work with my son Chase has helped him take responsibility for his own path. The private consulting program we signed up for has given my son 9 hours spread out over 3 months with each session… Read more “iSoccerPath’s “Private Consulting Program” Parent Testimonial”

iSoccerPath’s “Private Consulting Program” Player Testimonial

Over the past several months working with Jeff and ISP, I have developed incredibly. I learned how to email and communicate with a college coach, how to make a proper highlight video, how to prepare for ID camps and showcases, and much more. In addition, I’ve gotten a head start on my recruiting that others… Read more “iSoccerPath’s “Private Consulting Program” Player Testimonial”


iSoccerPath is proud to work closely with the following organizations who add value to the youth soccer experience.