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iSoccerPath and Rush Soccer Launch Free College Education Services Program

iSoccerPath, the leading college education company for youth soccer clubs, leagues and Associations in the US and its affiliate partner Rush Soccer, the largest youth club network in the U.S., have launched their Free College Education Services Program to all RUSH clubs.

Every RUSH Soccer club has received one free iSoccerPath college education yearly package from iSoccerPath to provide to an at-need youth player and family to assist them getting into college thru their affiliation with RUSH soccer.

The donation of approximately $10,000 worth of college ed services to RUSH is a direct result of the Directors of each company coming together with the goal of getting education services to the families and youth players who need it the most throughout the RUSH Soccer network of clubs.

“It is our pleasure and honor to provide this package of services to RUSH Soccer”, Said Director of iSoccerPath, Jeff Jaye. “We get to work with one family in every club across the US and Canada and help RUSH Soccer increase their college commits at all their clubs, no matter if the player/family has means or if they are on the A team or the B team in each age group.”

Rush Soccer CAP Director, Andrew Vanover on the relationship between Rush Soccer and iSoccerPath; “Rush Soccer is pleased to offer the service of iSoccerPath to our student athletes.  This program not only benefits the top level player at the club, but is encompassing to all players and families at the club. The fact that iSoccerPath, is willing to provide one free package for each club at the Rush, shows their belief in the program and will continue to progress the Rush CAP program for years to come.”

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What to look for in an unofficial visit?

Welcome to SoccerNation’s “Ask The College Coach” column. In this series we take questions from soccer parents from around the country and have real, currently employed college coaches answer. If you’re interested in having a coach answer your question, please send us an email at with the subject “Ask the College Coach”.

Dear Coach,

My son is in 11th grade now and we need to start doing unofficial visits. We have been told that at these visits that our son and us parents will be meeting directly with the coaches.

What do coaches look for in these meetings from the player and the parents?  Are there any rights and wrongs that our son can do, or that we as parents can do in order to take advantage of what seems is a great opportunity for the college to get to know our family and make sure we are a good fit for their program?

Thanks for any direction.

James P.
Parent of 11th grade soccer player son
Fresno, Ca

Hi James,

Make sure you come prepared with a list of questions about the university, academics, and soccer program.  This decision is about the student-athlete experience. It is important that the student-athlete is the one asking the questions of the coaches and answering the questions (not parents).  The student-athlete is the one that will have the relationship with the coaching staff so it is vital that they are the ones who are interacting with them.

Don’t make the meeting entirely about the soccer program; it is important to find out what structures are in place in the organization to help the student-athlete grow as a person and in their academic fields. This should be a value driven decision so  you want to make sure that you can identify what the main values of the organization are. How does the actions or structures help support these values? In addition, another important piece is to speak or spend time with the current student-athletes on the team as they will give you another perspective than that of the coaching staff.

You are looking for an honest dialogue with the student-athletes as you are trying to uncover truths about the program.

Jamie Franks
Head Coach
University of Denver Men’s Soccer

Source: SoccerNation

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Thinking of your playing options in college?

[This article was originally posted on the Fremont Youth Soccer Club Website [source].

The season for many teams begins this coming weekend, September 9th. All players born 2005 and older are also now entering a period where they may be thinking of their playing options in college. We have a partnership with iSoccerPath, and I hope the following information will also help with players finding their pathway.

No matter what level of play you are at, there are options for playing in college. Yes, you should be realistic with where you want to play, this being cost of the college, does it provide you with the education you want, does your grades get you in, are you at the level of the soccer program they have?

There are a lot of factors, and being on a top competitive team is not the answer to these questions. A few important points to consider –

  • Scholarships are not what you are told. Very few if any soccer programs will give you a full ride through college. There are multiple sources for gaining financial aid, relying on the athletic scholarship will not be wise. Research the additional resources for financial aid in which the colleges can offer you.
  • You need to put the work in. Don’t expect coaches to fall over you and chase you down. Find out who the coach is, introduce yourself through email, making it personal to them and what you like about their program. Research them and ask about their achievements (too many coaches have insane ego’s). Ask to watch a college practice session, go to games, drop in on unofficial visits to the campus.
  • Let coaches know your game schedule, keep them up to date if playing games in their area, invite them to come and watch one of your games.
  • Select the college ID camps that suit the needs of you. Is it the right place, with the right coaching, and the right education.
    Your education is what’s most important. Get the grades you need, and study the courses you have an interest and passion in, every college has a soccer program. Use sports as a release from stress, make it your go to for pleasure and stress relief.
  • You will be in college for up to 4 years, pick somewhere you like. No point in being somewhere you do not enjoy for 4 years, pick a city/town that suits your personality and social needs.

Important areas to start working on now –

  • Coaches want to see disciplined athletes they can work with. Discipline, respect and integrity are not only important characteristics for a college recruiter, but also to take in to other aspects of your life, career, relationships, personal standards.
  • Clean up your social media. This is the downfall for so many. Social media has become an open diary in to your everyday life, nothing is secret anymore, and all can be seen on a screen. Conduct yourself appropriately and take responsibility for your appearance on and off line.

Ultimately it is a lot of hard work, dedication, and lots of selling yourself. This is now true for not only college recruitment, but also the rest of your life.

We have partnered with iSoccerPath as we believe in their program, and this is the best resource for getting ahead in your recruitment.

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RUSH Soccer partners with iSoccerPath to provide college education for all RUSH affiliate clubs in US and Canada

(Denver,CO) – RUSH SOCCER, the largest youth soccer club organization in the U.S., has chosen San Ramon, CA. based, iSoccerPath, the leading event and college education company in the US for families of prospective college soccer student athletes, to provide college education for all 41 RUSH Soccer Affiliate clubs across 25 States and Canada.

iSoccerPath will be working with the Rush College Advisory Program Director Andrew Vanover and all RUSH clubs to provide their education programs that will assist all RUSH players and parents to have advantages in the college placement process. iSoccerPath and their two tutorial education based programs (College Kick-Off & College Premier) will give each RUSH club the ability to increase their college commitments to all players no matter their team level.

“Having RUSH Soccer choose iSoccerPath as their college education provider for their families across the Country is a huge accolade for all us here at iSoccerPath. Rush is not only the biggest, but also one of the top run soccer organizations in the US and abroad. Having the opportunity to help the players and families not only on the A team but the B and C teams in each club makes RUSH Soccer on the leading edge of offering college soccer commits to ALL players in their clubs not just the 1st team players.” Said Jeff Jaye, Managing Director of iSoccePath. “Having the chance to work with some of the best coaches in youth soccer, Rush provides over 20,000 eligible 7th thru 12th grade players each year to take advantage of the iSoccerPath college education system. Part of the agreement between us and Rush which I believe shows the mutual core values of both companies is iSoccerPath will be providing almost 50 FREE college ed progams to RUSH to distribute to at need families in each club. That was paramount in our negotiations on both sides and we are honored to be able to provide Rush Soccer and its families our programs that will see positive results with players getting admitted into college to receive their education.”

RUSH Soccer College Advisory Program Director, Andrew Vanover on the partnership – “Rush Soccer is excited to work hand in hand with iSoccerPath to provide additional resources to our student athletes! ISP is a leader in the industry and we look forward to our relationship. iSoccerPath will provide a step by step tudor to all interested athletes to help them achieve their goals of playing soccer at the college level. This is a big step forward in our CAP program!”

For more information on bringing iSoccerPath to your Association, League or Club please contact

For information on becoming a Rush Soccer Affiliate or family please contact

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How important is my child’s social media footprint?

Welcome to SoccerNation’s “Ask The College Coach” column. In this series we take questions from soccer parents from around the country and have real, currently employed college coaches answer. If you’re interested in having a coach answer your question, please send us an email at with the subject “Ask the College Coach”.

Dear Ask The College Coach,

We are trying to help our son understand how important it is that his social media accounts can take away his chance to playing college soccer. We heard at the College Soccer Panels that everything that a kid posts is seen by the college coaches when they are looking to recruit him.

How important is the social media footprint of my son to college coaches and do you have tips on how we as parents can get across to him that he needs to watch everything?

Thank you,

Frank B.

Hi Frank,

In the ever changing landscape of college recruiting, social media is the newest challenge we all face in identifying the right people for our programs. Social media has quickly become the main medium for how teenagers communicate. Texting has been replaced by snapchat, bullying can now be done from a keyboard.

Because of all this, kids seem to only think about an individual moment and not the potential long term consequences. So often we hear negative reports of tweets or snaps made by celebrities, pro athletes or politicians that get deleted almost immediately, but that only deletes them from their feed. Once something is put out on the internet, it must be considered as being there forever.

In the college recruiting process, I really look at it this way; your social media accounts will likely never have a positive impact in your recruitment. However, it can have a drastically negative impact. One of the most talented players I’ve ever coached had her career completely derailed over social media. While her talent could make some of the difficult moments of coaching her manageable, what she showed on her social media accounts made it clear her priorities were not it the right place. At that point, all the talent in the world wasn’t enough to keep her in a program.

College soccer is becoming more and more competitive to break into every day. Recruits are being scrutinized not only by coaches but colleges as well. You may find a coach who is interested but in getting the student to apply for school, they may find out from admissions that there are red flags on the student’s social media accounts. The school may deny the student admission based on this alone.

We all know that kids can make mistakes and that can include posts on social media. Being vigilant on monitoring your accounts and limiting opportunities for compromising posts can minimize those mistakes. It’s important to think of what the response to your post would be from potential recruiters and coaches. Keeping that in mind before posting is important. As we often say on college panels, don’t let a 140 character tweet cost you a $140,000 education.

Best of luck in the recruiting process!

Mike Herman
Head Coach – Women’s Soccer
Holy Names University

Source: SoccerNation

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Rampage SC partners with iSoccerPath

(San Ramon, California) – iSoccerPath, the premier education and evaluation company for families of prospective college soccer student athletes, is happy to announce it has been approved to offer it’s college education programs to the Rampage Soccer Club in Utah.

Wasatch is part of the Region 2 League contingent of clubs who have added iSoccerPath and its programs to their affiliate clubs. They will be part of a 6 club College Soccer panel being hosted by iSoccerPath on August 8th at Weber State University 

iSoccerPath will be working with the Rampage parents and players to enhance and increase their chances of getting a roster spot on a college soccer program. “We are very excited to work with Rampage to help their players increase the chances of obtaining a college soccer roster spot. Our goal is to work very closely with their technical staff and Board.” said Jeff Jaye, Managing Director of iSoccerPath “ Rampage is committed to getting all their players into college no matter what level they play in thru soccer. We are honored to increase college commitments and work with the Rampage Soccer Club in 2017 – 2018”

To learn more about iSoccerPath visit their website at
To learn more about Rampage SC visit their website at

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