“Your Bridge from Club To College Soccer” 

(San Ramon, California) – iSoccerPath, the premier education company for families of prospective college soccer student athletes, is happy to announce it has been approved to offer its college education programs to the Susquehanna Soccer Club.

iSoccerPath will be working with Susquehanna Soccer Club parents and players to enhance and increase their chances of getting a roster spot on a college soccer program. “We are incredibly honored to work with the Susquehanna Soccer Club and their excellent coaching staff,” said Andrew Vanover, COO of iSoccerPath. “Our goal is to work very closely with Club President Keith Brown and his staff to provide Susquehanna Soccer Club parents and players the most current & relevant information on how to become a college student athlete. Keith is committed to all his players who want to get a college education and play soccer after graduating high school. This is a great opportunity for iSoccerPath and we are looking forward to helping the club increase their college commitments.”

“I’m extremely excited to partner with iSoccerPath and provide a fantastic opportunity for all of our Club families and their players who look to play in the future beyond our Club,” said Keith Brown, President of Susquehanna Soccer Club.

“This opportunity adds to our commitment to not just help develop great players, but great people.”

About iSoccerPath

iSoccerPath is a one-of-a-kind, non-recruiting and non-scouting education program for youth soccer players (8-12th grade) that provides the tools needed to become a collegiate soccer athlete. As one of the only NCAA-assessed* online education programs, iSoccerPath is designed and led by college soccer coaches and college soccer parents. Their unique online learning center provides education modules, secret tips on the college soccer process, personal evaluations and more that increase a player’s chance of earning a coveted offer from a college soccer coach.

* As of April 2019.