Our goal is to provide players the best guidance to assure a spot on a college soccer team. But don’t take our word for it! Check out what parents, and coaches are saying!

We are very happy that ISP will be with us throughout the journey.

Before we started working with ISP, the college admissions process was very murky and my son was having a difficult time getting started. ISP’s advice has been very comprehensive -starting with an evaluation of soccer skills, guidance on identifying “best fit” colleges based on academics and soccer abilities, contacting coaches, identifying camps, etc. It has worked, and my son has been contacted by several coaches from colleges he had targeted. Still in the middle of the process and don’t know how it will end, but we are very happy that ISP will be with us throughout the journey.


The experience and knowledge of iSoccerPath team has been invaluable.

We have always been supportive of our son’s goal of attending college while pursuing his aspirations of playing soccer at the highest level. The preparation and strategy required to navigate this path can be overwhelming and unclear. This is where the experience and knowledge of iSoccerPath team has been invaluable.

They have helped us identify necessary milestones and opportunities through the athletics program that our son needs to achieve to get to his college of choice.


An outstanding educational resource

iSoccerpath is an outstanding educational resource to teach prospects and parents the ins and outs of the [college soccer’s] environment.

I have known the owner and partners for decades and this group truly cares about the student-athlete’s well being. They absolutely provide a fantastic service to those who take advantage of their program.

Soccer Coach
Division 1 Head Mens

Continue to be impressed

Wow, continue to be impressed with you and ISP’s guidance, thank you! The ISP team has been pivotal in help kickstarting this whole process and look forward to your continual support.


Forever grateful

We really appreciate all your hard work and dedication. On a more personal note, thank you for all the support you gave Connor this season. He was the odd man out this year as the coach really did not have to give him an opportunity to play since he already had two returning varsity players and one junior. But your support and drills helped him continue his journey with confidence and he was give a rotation spot which was all we could ask for. Thank you for all your support.

Connor took your advice and signed up for CSU’s ID Prospect this Saturday and Sunday. He is very exited to start this next journey in life and he will always remember the support and encouragement you gave him this season. We are forever grateful.

Tetzloff family

Passion for soccer and kids that is rarely matched.

I have worked with Jeff for many years and can easily attest to his passion for soccer and kids is rarely matched.

I know Jeff and his iSoccerPath staff will have the best interest of these young players in mind, while working tirelessly to find them the right fit for a university and its soccer program.

Head Coach
Men’s Pac 12 Division 1 Program