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iSoccerPath has designed a special program for your club to assist parents and players with the tools and guidance to become soccer student athletes.

One of the hardest things to do for a club, DoC, or coach is to try to help multiple families and players navigate a very time consuming and arduous process.

NCAA rules and regulations as well as education requirements are changing every year. iSoccerPath is the leader in assisting clubs and families to stay ahead of the curve, and put your players in the best possible position to play college soccer.

We support your current college education program and directors by allowing families to opt-in to the iSoccerPath program and get extra help in areas where needed. We do not overlap or crossover into the club’s programs that are already in place. By adding the iSoccerPath program, parents of the A and B teams get exactly the same opportunity and program choices, which creates family loyalty and helps market new players and parents to your club.

Program highlights

  • Target Players: U14-U15-U16-U17-U18 (boys and girls), A and B Teams
  • Club Program: No cost to the club; No contracts to sign
  • $1,000 donation to the club’s scholarship fund (*)

(*) For every 10 families who sign up for the iSoccerPath College Premier Program, iSoccerPath makes a $1,000 donation to the club’s scholarship fund. In order to qualify members must remain enrolled for a minimum of 9 consecutive months.