Every now and then we get an email from a parent that is so frustrated with the fact their son/daughter wants to quit soccer because of things outside of their control.  How they handle that at that crossroad could be the difference between having them quit or pushing thru their comfort zone and overcoming their fears. All great traits and life lessons. Here is one parents journey and how iSoccerPath helped.  If your son/daughter going through the same, please reach out to us. It is what we are passionate about!

‘Hello Jeff, I wanted to follow up and let you know how pivotal our meeting was for our daughter today.

She is a talented and intense player, a leader and a great teammate. However the last 3 years she has had to experience,what happens when you get  coaches that no longer help inspire their players to next level of play.  However she is now going into her junior year of High School and this last year was not the best experience for her and her teammates…she was definitely asking herself why continue to play and told both her father and I that she probably would not continue on.

I knew I had to do something to try to see whether she still had that desire to play and more importantly the “internal fire” to show what she can do and who she truly is as a player.  After I heard you speak at the club meeting I knew you were one person who if we took a chance she would wake up out of her continual slide not to play any longer…

As we sat in that room today with you today and listened to your plan for her, I watched our daughter begin to lean forward and listen to what you were saying. While you were telling her that what she needed to do to get the coaches attention, the potential colleges who could be interested in her and what she needed to do to make things happen, I saw her eyes light up for the first time in a very long time. She was engaged, she was interested and she wanted to know how to become a desirable recruit.   Jeff your one hour with us completely changed her attitude and her mind about playing soccer in college. As soon as we sat in the car, she declared that she would like to continue with soccer and find the best college for her skills and personality. She also mentioned a couple of friends who were also disenchanted with how things were going and was going to tell them about you and your program.

We signed up today and I know no matter what happens and where she goes, our meeting with you changed she  mind about continuing with Soccer and gave her something to strive for and look forward to. We appreciate your honesty and soccer recruitment knowledge and look forward to a partnering to help our daughter find her college.’

Mom of a 2018 daughter