Parents of 8th grade thru 12th graders, if asked to rank the most important factors in the college recruiting process, how would you answer?

Here are a few suggestions that you can prioritize from 1-10.

*         Attending college showcases & ID camps

*         Your club’s coach or Director

*         Having a player resume

*         Highlight Video

*         Communicating by email

*         Social media presence

*         Character

*         Attending ID camps and unofficial visits

*         Grades and Test Scores

In fact all of these are part of the process but one factor always gets left out.. being realistic in your talent and grade evaluations in choosing target schools that your son/daughter can actually get in with the necessary admission requirements and soccer ability.

You have limited time and financial means to go thru the process. Why spend your money and waste time flying all over the country to attend ID camps and communicating with
Coaches of colleges your son/daughter can’t attend.   Get an honest upfront eval from iSoccerPath within the first month of becoming a client as well as recommendations of what division and conferences you should be pursuing!   Visit today and get ahead of the game!