You pay your club registration fees, pay training fees, for uniform packages and flights, among many other things that go into your yearly dues to participate. However, does that mean that their responsibility is to get your son or daughter into college? The answer is NO. Do they help and facilitate in the process, absolutely, but only 20% (at the most) of the things that need to be done are done by your club, coach or Director.

College coaches around the Country say that the work it takes to get your emails opened, your video watched, and your games to be seen is  up to the parents and the player themselves. Putting the onus on your club or coach will lead you down a path that may hurt your players chance to get a coveted roster spot on a college team to play soccer.

The clubs main 4 responsibilities per college coaches at all levels are to:

1. Technically and tactically teach my player to be best soccer player they can be

2. Get them in front of the most college coaches they can thru showcases and tourneys

3. Teach them how to travel without parents

4. Learn all soccer character attributes that coaches are now looking for on the field

They cannot review grades and test scores to make sure they match up with NCAA new core classes. They cannot teach you how to interview with a college coach, nor can they work with you to make sure your social media accounts are scrubbed. Your club cannot make sure that all deadlines are being met every month, including singing up for ID camps and unofficial visits. They cannot help you make and review your college video, nor proof every email that goes out to coaches, nor give you unofficial questions or ID camp secret tips from coaches on how to show best. Clubs also cannot help you find scholarship money on the internet.  

Your club does a lot for you and you get your money’s worth with what they do! However, if you need the 80%, then reach out to as we have all of it for families and parents in a small monthly fee that has a 100% free cancellation policy and injury pause clause.

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