Do Not Stop The Recruiting Process During High School Soccer!

Players and Parents, 

For those of you taking a break from recruiting to play high school soccer, you need to know that the recruiting process does not stop, in fact, it might even pass you by during the season. Keep in mind that hundreds of thousands of players who are not playing high school soccer right now, either because they aren’t in season or they have opted out of playing in high school, are focused solely on the day to day things they need to be doing to continue to get noticed by college soccer coaches.

College coaches don’t generally go to a high school game because they don’t have the resources to travel to high schools to only see one player.  So it’s important to make sure that if you’re going to take 4 months off to play your season that you DO NOT stop the daily homework list of things that need to be accomplished to keep your brand in front of your selected college coaches.

Some important tips if and when you start the high school season:

  • Continue to take new video or yourself and use this to add new footage to your current video.
  • If you don’t have a video use this time to create one.
  • Attend College ID Camps during your season. Do not miss out on this opportunity to visit some of your top choices in a small camp setting. Ask us for help on how to do this.
  • Set up an unofficial visit at the College ID Camp.*** Check NCAA rules for unofficial visits. Get the best questions to ask from us at iSoccerPath.
  • Visit as many college campuses as you can during this time. Take advantage of any vacations you’re taking around the country, that you may be taking over school breaks.
  • Continue to communicate with coaches and locate schools that fit you. You don’t want the branding and marketing of yourself to stop.

Remember more than half of the kids in the USA are not playing high school during your season and they are working full time on their recruiting. 

If you join iSoccerPath now, while you play high school soccer, not only will you not fall behind but you will actually get more college coaches interested in you.

What are you waiting for?

*** Make sure any College ID Camps you attend during your high school season are high school rules compliant for games and rosters.