[This article was originally posted on the Fremont Youth Soccer Club Website [source].

The season for many teams begins this coming weekend, September 9th. All players born 2005 and older are also now entering a period where they may be thinking of their playing options in college. We have a partnership with iSoccerPath, and I hope the following information will also help with players finding their pathway.

No matter what level of play you are at, there are options for playing in college. Yes, you should be realistic with where you want to play, this being cost of the college, does it provide you with the education you want, does your grades get you in, are you at the level of the soccer program they have?

There are a lot of factors, and being on a top competitive team is not the answer to these questions. A few important points to consider –

  • Scholarships are not what you are told. Very few if any soccer programs will give you a full ride through college. There are multiple sources for gaining financial aid, relying on the athletic scholarship will not be wise. Research the additional resources for financial aid in which the colleges can offer you.
  • You need to put the work in. Don’t expect coaches to fall over you and chase you down. Find out who the coach is, introduce yourself through email, making it personal to them and what you like about their program. Research them and ask about their achievements (too many coaches have insane ego’s). Ask to watch a college practice session, go to games, drop in on unofficial visits to the campus.
  • Let coaches know your game schedule, keep them up to date if playing games in their area, invite them to come and watch one of your games.
  • Select the college ID camps that suit the needs of you. Is it the right place, with the right coaching, and the right education.
    Your education is what’s most important. Get the grades you need, and study the courses you have an interest and passion in, every college has a soccer program. Use sports as a release from stress, make it your go to for pleasure and stress relief.
  • You will be in college for up to 4 years, pick somewhere you like. No point in being somewhere you do not enjoy for 4 years, pick a city/town that suits your personality and social needs.

Important areas to start working on now –

  • Coaches want to see disciplined athletes they can work with. Discipline, respect and integrity are not only important characteristics for a college recruiter, but also to take in to other aspects of your life, career, relationships, personal standards.
  • Clean up your social media. This is the downfall for so many. Social media has become an open diary in to your everyday life, nothing is secret anymore, and all can be seen on a screen. Conduct yourself appropriately and take responsibility for your appearance on and off line.

Ultimately it is a lot of hard work, dedication, and lots of selling yourself. This is now true for not only college recruitment, but also the rest of your life.

We have partnered with iSoccerPath as we believe in their program, and this is the best resource for getting ahead in your recruitment.