There are 2 million club soccer players and only 9% will play in college, most get lost in the unknown recruiting process!

Greetings Soccer Family!   Sorry we missed you at Surf Cup!

The process to become a recruited student athlete has become more and more confusing for players and parents!

  *   How do I know how good my son/daughter really is?
  *   What are the important dates each year so we don’t miss a deadline?
  *   What are the NCAA rules we need to follow when communicating with coaches?
  *   How do I communicate and get in front of college coaches to maximize my exposure?
  *   How do we spend our money wisely over the next few years to target which divisions and conference is best for our son/daughter?

It is crucial to not only understand this mysterious process but also focus your energy and investments where you will increase the chance your player earns a coveted position as a student athlete.  As parents we spend thousands dollars a year on club fees, uniforms, camps, private lessons, tutors and travel.  At iSoccerPath we have rigorously rooted out the truth versus common myths including “Being in my club will get me recruited”, “Coaches and Scouts will come and find me simply by playing in showcases and tournaments”, “my player deserves and will get a full ride”, and finally “D1 schools are the best schools to go to”!


As an iSoccerPath college night attendee you know how hard it is to get through the process.  iSoccerPath has developed a comprehensive affordable program for you and your family.  We invite you to become part of the iSoccerPath family and join hundreds of youth soccer players our staff has already assisted realize their dream of soccer playing student athletes.

Click here to join now at our secure, iSoccerPath website, and start moving your son/daughter up the recruiting process ladder!

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