Our goal is to provide players the best guidance to assure a spot on a college soccer team. But don’t take our word for it! Check out what parents, and coaches are saying!

We are very pleased with the results

Jeff had great ideas for what to include in introductory letters to prospective coaches. His team was helpful in reviewing and offering editing ideas for our son’s highlight video. He saved us money in helping us decide which ID camps would be helpful and which ones to avoid. We are very pleased with the results: A spot on a great team at a great college!

B & S
Parents of Senior 2018

My experience with iSoccerPath has been phenomenal

My experience with iSoccerPath has been phenomenal. If you stick to the course and instructions you’ll really benefit but you get out what you put in. If it wasn’t for the help of Jeff and iSoccerPath I wouldn’t have the opportunities with the colleges I have today.

Thank you for everything.

2018 graduate -ISP client

The program is going to make a difference

Thanks to Jeff and iSoccerPath for giving our families great insight into the college education process. Our families thought the panel was valuable and left with a better understanding of the tools available to them and the effort needed to help them get noticed for the best opportunities — no matter what team they’re on.  It’s going to make a difference for our players.

Jim Tindell
Executive Director, TSC Hurricane

It is nice to be ahead of the curve for a change


Our daughter has committed to playing soccer at the University of Montana.  She traveled last weekend for her official visit and has submitted her academic application for early acceptance.

She is really excited and can’t wait to become a college soccer player!  Her closet is filling up fast with their gear!

I did pass on rave reviews for isoccerpath and what you and your company did for you.  It is nice to be ahead of the curve for a change (applications and all).  ​​​​​

Thanks so much for your help.

Family of 2018 isoccerpath

In her Dream School in less than 3 months

Our daughter has committed to her dream school!  Thank you iSoccerPath for all your help.

Your company was a huge help in finding our daughter a spot in less than 3 months.  You taught her how to write emails that the coaches would open and after 113 emails that you kept her on track on, an offer from one of her top choice colleges with iSoccerpath’ guidance!

Thank you so much again for all you did to help our daughter make her college soccer dream come true.

The B***** Family 2019

Clear experts in the field!

Jeff and the iSoccerPath team are clear experts in the field of transitioning from club and academy soccer to college play. Leading the way with undeniable experience and clever insights, time spent with Jeff is a must for any aspiring college player.

With thousands of college options, and limited resources, serious parents and their children have much to gain from the helping hand lent by iSoccerPath.

Christopher Pepe
General Manager, Juventus SC, Redwood City (CA)