Our goal is to provide players the best guidance to assure a spot on a college soccer team. But don’t take our word for it! Check out what parents, and coaches are saying!

You had the kid’s best interest at heart.

Jeff & iSoccerPath-

I wanted to thank you again for the personal phone call last night with my junior daughter and I. We are beyond grateful for all the help and excellent tips! Like I said … when my husband and I heard you speak I truly felt like you had the kid’s best interest at heart. In your presentation you were so genuine but yet completely honest.  Your hands on knowledge of the recruitment process blew me away ….all that showed through again in the phone call! It is so refreshing to talk to someone who just wants the best for your child and help them achieve the dream they have had since they were 8!  I look forward to working with you and the rest of your staff !

Thank you again.

Fran L.
Riverside, CA Parent

I was shocked how much I didn’t know.

I heard Jeff and the college coaches iSoccerPath brought in to speak at a college night hosted by our club last year and learned a ton. I thought I knew a lot about the process but I was shocked how much I didn’t know. I filled my phone with tons of notes and now I’m registering my son for iSoccerPath in his 9th grade year. He really needs to own his college soccer goals and it’s going to be much smoother for all of us by letting him with work directly with iSoccerPath, who by far is the college ed service for you.

Arizona Parent

Jeff Jaye is the most knowledgeable person

Jeff Jaye is the most knowledgeable person/soccer dad in the United States when it comes to teaching players and parents to get a college roster spot.

It does not matter to iSoccerPath, if you’re on your club’s 1st team, or the 2nd  team. From the rules of the governing bodies of college soccer to getting families to pay $0 for college, and everything in between, Jeff and his company are the college soccer coaches’ choice.   

The coaches I sent emails to opened them with subject lines that said “Client of iSoccerPath.”

I know this because I have my own son’s college dream of playing soccer in Jeff’s hands. The stress, urgency, and the money he has saved me is worth it.  

I recommend that players join the program. We did and it works!

iSoccerPath Parent

A huge asset.

We were excited to include Jeff Jaye and iSoccerPath to our Elite College ID Soccer Camp this year! Having Jeff allowed us to give our parents and players a unique experience at our camp. We had a separate parent panel during training and then a separate player panel during lunch. Jeff was able to give a detailed presentation in both panels to help players and parents identify their roles and help with the process of choosing a college. Jeff and iSoccerPath were a huge asset to help put forth a quality product for our Elite College ID Soccer Camp.

Rod Lafauire
Men's Soccer Coach, Occidental College

More informed and clearer on the journey ahead.

iSoccerPath delivered a high quality and informative workshop at Blues Cup 2016 for college bound athletes. Those who attended left more informed and clearer on the journey ahead as they pursue college opportunities. We look forward to working with iSoccerPath again in the future when the opportunity presents itself.

Robbie Mulligan
SC Blues Cup Tournament Director

Informative and very helpful to our campers

It is always great to have Jeff and iSoccerPath as part of our ID camp. Their presentation is informative and very helpful to our campers. One of our goals is to educate the prospective student athletes on the process of obtaining a roster spot and how they should be communicating with coaches. iSoccerPath provides that education in a way that the players can relate to.

Division 2 Head Men’s Coach
July 2018