Jeff-  Our daughter just finished her college soccer commitment signing ceremony today. I wanted to reach out and thank you and iSoccerPath for guiding her and our family for over 3 years to make her dream come true.

We were in your first group of parents testing your program back when she was a freshman.

We stuck with the ISP program for 3 years and as you know there were a lot of emotional ups and downs for all of us.

Each time you were there to give us advice when we needed it most. What ISP did that really helped our daughter more than anything is when she came to you and wanted to accept the first offer she received, you counseled her based on the work she was doing to decline it.  Your advice was that if she would wait even 12 more months she could possibly get into a college that had a top 50 education and top 25 soccer program.

She was so stressed with all the pressure from other teammates that were committing and what the process was doing to our family that she “just wanted it over” and did commit.   The way you handled it by giving her positive feedback and telling her that she should not give up on her dream made her feel like you really cared and had her best interest in mind.

Then as you predicted, the unexpected happened less than a month later. A major coaching change at her committed college really affected her in a negative way. We contacted you and iSoccerPath and without question you got her the tools and education she needed to go forward and make the biggest decision of her life.

Fast forward 2 years and she DID GET that offer of University and one of the top college programs on the East Coast where she wanted to be.

She is so happy and our family can’t thank you and your staff at iSoccerPath enough.