Just a quick note to thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me yesterday at Brandi Chastain’s soccer clinic in San Mateo. Being a single parent, disabled with a crazed soccer loving girl is quite challenging. As I said yesterday, my daughters father is not involved in her life and not being able to chat with someone about what’s best for Brianna and her soccer goals is frustrating. I undergo chemotherapy at least twice per year for my disease and self administer injections at home. I live with an incurable disease and I know that in the coming years it will become harder and harder to care for my glorious girl.

iSoccerPath may just be the answer for us.  I was truly inspired with new hope following your talk yesterday. I only want the best for my girl, as does every other parent. The idea of my daughter not being able to attend college and or participate in a soccer club program due to my medical problems/fixed income is a bitter pill to swallow and one I refuse to take.

Again, many, many thanks for your time and inspiring words and we look forward to having iSoccerPath guide my daughter to reach her college dreams.