Even though our daughter is in the ECNL, we still felt we needed the extra help to stay ahead of the recruiting process.  Our daughter started with iSoccerPath and Jeff Jaye when she was an 8th grader and she is now heading into her sophomore year in high school and we could not be more happy with how much ahead of the process she is versus other girls on the team.

Our daughter has attended 3 ID camps with evals after, had her video evaluated by a US Soccer National Staff coach, her grades and class list also evaluated each year and has participated in How To Interview a College Coach seminar and How to Scrub Your Social Media Sites to get Recruited.  Most importantly the emails that iSoccerPath helped her design has not only gotten coaches to come to her games but also set up 2 unofficial visits at two of her top choices and she hasn’t even started her 10th grade year.

We feel iSoccerPath has been invaluable for our daughter. With girls getting college offers now as early as 9th grade, our daughter is in a position to have the best choices. Thank you iSoccerPath!