We wanted to let you know that our daughter just committed to one of her top choices this week and she is absolutely thrilled.  We started with iSoccerPath 3 years ago and with your help and guidance, our daughter learned and implemented the iSoccerPath program which made her responsible for doing most of the work so that the coaches would get to know her personally.

We feel, as parents, that you and iSoccerPath were a huge part of our daughters and our families navigating the process behind the scenes to give her all the tools the coaches look for.  We could not be more happy with your service. She will get to go to a University of California school to get her education and be able to be a student athlete for a great coach and soccer program. We could not have done it without you!

We have 2 more soccer players in our family and would, and do, highly recommend iSoccerPath to others.

It’s a great program. Thank you!!