College Soccer Panels, the event hosting division of iSoccerPath, runs college education nights all over the US for soccer clubs and college id camps.  This topic has become the most important and most responded to area of the recruiting process by college coaches for the last few months.  When there are hundreds of players who play your son’s/daughters position and have the same if not better grades, why is a coach going to choose your child over the others for a spot on their roster and in their locker room? 

This article from James Leath is one of the best and well written pieces on “Soccer Character” and why college coaches now rely on it more than ever when choosing a player.  Parents, we are not immune to the character review either. When a college coach approaches a club coach because they liked your son/daughter in a game , these two questions are always going to be the two they ask:

“What are their grades?” followed right behind it with “What are they like?” and then “What are the parents like?”   Please take some time to share this info with your spouse and your youth soccer players.

You will be doing the whole family a great service to learn this as early as possible.

At iSoccerPath our clients are taught about character, what coaches are looking for during warm ups, games, interactions with adults etc.   Reach out to us at to become part of our family that helps your family in the college education process to become a student athlete and get an education thru soccer.