(San Ramon, California) – iSoccerPath is pleased to announce a partnership with Scholarship for Soccer, an on-line social media forum for youth soccer parents across the United States and Canada.

“The Scholarships for Soccer media site has been growing rapidly with youth soccer parents submitting questions about all things related to the youth soccer parent experience’ said Jeff Jaye, President and Founder of iSoccerPath. “The founder of the site Buford Mobley out of North Carolina, is an actual iSoccerPath parent whose son has been working our program for over a year. We have come to have a great respect for each other and our commitment to helping youth soccer parents based on our 20+ years of soccer parenting.”

With the partnership, Scholarships for Soccer members will receive a significant discount on all iSoccerPath’s programs and educational dvd’s. iSoccerPath will participate regularly in the forum to answer parent’s questions and help them navigate the negative and incorrect information they receive from outside sources.

“The impressive thing about Jeff Jaye and iSoccerpath is there is no hype, just solid information and guidance from current College Soccer coaches.” Buford Mobley, owner of Scholarships for Soccer stated. “In a sea of overwhelming information and hype, iSoccerpath gives parents and players the tools they need to chart their own individual path to a roster spot. I’ve trusted iSoccerpath to guide my son along his soccer journey.  Now, I’m honored to be a partner.”

ABOUT iSoccerPath

iSoccerPath is a unique program run by current and former college soccer parents that counsels parents and players over the course of their high school years to best position them to play soccer at the collegiate level. iSoccerPath’s online learning programs offer easy-to-follow tools, tactics and strategies to help student-athletes find the best schools for their academic and playing ability. Learn more at https://isoccerpath.com.