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Beginning at the 8th grade level iSoccerPath streamlines the process of the arduous tasks needed at each grade level from 8th to 12th grade for improving the aspiring college player’s potential to compete and become a highly visible student athlete prospect for college coaches. 

iSoccerPath has a nationally recognized coaching staff that identifies the athletes true potential on the field and in the classroom to find the best college fit.

We currently offer two programs geared towards aspiring college soccer players:

  • The College Premier Program: a month-to-month program where the iSoccerPath staff actively follows the student, assigns him / her tasks and learning materials gearing towards growing his field skills year over year while identifying the best college fits.
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  • The College Kick-Off Program: a streamlined version of the Premier program, geared towards price conscious families. 
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For specific details on each program please refer to the related Programs Info page.