In order to obtain optimal success, it is necessary for the coaching staff to be in complete control of the athlete’s performance. In order to do so, we need the full cooperation and support from the parents. We are dealing with your child and the team on a daily basis and hold them accountable in each and every soccer situation.

Our staff will provide the necessary motivation and technical/tactical instruction. We would hope that as parents you would support the club and its teams as well as your own child. Please encourage your child to take responsibility for his own actions, rather than intervening yourself. Ask your child to address his/her concerns directly with the coaching staff. This develops them as individuals, holds them accountable for their own actions, and promotes maturity

If you feel the need to intervene, please allow 24 hours after a match before approaching a staff coach to discuss your child’s performance.

The coaches are the most invested people in the matches and this is an emotional time for everyone. We find that 24 hours allows for cooler heads to prevail and promotes a more productive dialog. This applies to tournaments when coaches are inundated with logistical demands of scouting, prepping for next match and dealing with meals and other administrative concerns.

Unfortunately, addressing individual concerns is sometimes at the expense of the entire team. Please put the team and the coach first by setting an appointment 24 hours after the event.

As parents we expect you to cheer and support the team appropriately and in a positive manner. We do not expect or ask you to coach the team. Please be humble and represent your child and our club the spirit of the sport. At no time is it appropriate to discuss other players’ performance to other players or parents on the team. Your own expectations and goals may differ from that of your child, please keep this in mind.

Following these simple suggestions will help give your child a better and more meaningful experience in the game. College coaches who are looking for players for their programs tell us regularly that they are observing your character and behavior during games and after. They consider it a major part of the decision making process in choosing one player over another if they feel they will have to “deal” with that parent for 4 years. So like your sons/daughters everyone is being watched even when you don’t think so.

You can be a very positive character role model and increase their chances of playing college soccer if that is their goal.