Getting your college soccer and school opportunities in order is a huge time consuming and expensive process. It’s not surprising that many players and parents feel overwhelmed making sure they have not missed or forgotten any important dates or action items required by college coaches.

That’s where iSoccerPath’s new signature player support tool, ISP Tracker, can help provide peace of mind while laying out the process step-by-step no matter what age or grade level they are in.

“The ISP Tracker, which is included in our two signature programs, College Kick-Off and College Premier, does for no additional cost in less than an hour what recruiting and scouting services, who offer their products to clubs at a cost, take months to figure out,” says Jeff Jaye, Founder of iSoccerPath.

“When it comes down to it, preparation and knowledge are the key in the college search process. With the ISP Tracker, which we worked on with current college coaches, comes a little more organized and helps keep the path to college clear,” Jaye said. “With college coaches’ input, we give your player the tools they need in order to be able to own their choices for communications, ID camps and showcases.”

Designed by college soccer coaches for youth soccer players to manage their own database of college choices, the ISP Tracker helps keep in an organized manner the important factors to consider when finding the right colleges and soccer programs to spend valuable time and money on.

The ISP Tracker keeps every 8th to 12th grade ISP boy or girl on task and organized by structuring information in an easy to understand manner including:

  • Coaches’ contact information.
  • Cost of attendance.
  • Admission requirements.
  • Organize and choose the right ID Camp dates.
  • College soccer programs and conferences that your son/daughters have been identified they can play in.

This type of organizational tool is only available at iSoccerPath. As an assessed non-recruiting company from the NCAA, iSoccerPath is able to offer products to clubs and families like the ISP Tracker, where all other recruiting and scouting services cannot.

For more information, visit iSoccerPath programs here.