iSoccerPath, the leading college education company for youth soccer clubs, leagues and Associations in the US and its affiliate partner Rush Soccer, the largest youth club network in the U.S., have launched their Free College Education Services Program to all RUSH clubs.

Every RUSH Soccer club has received one free iSoccerPath college education yearly package from iSoccerPath to provide to an at-need youth player and family to assist them getting into college thru their affiliation with RUSH soccer.

The donation of approximately $10,000 worth of college ed services to RUSH is a direct result of the Directors of each company coming together with the goal of getting education services to the families and youth players who need it the most throughout the RUSH Soccer network of clubs.

“It is our pleasure and honor to provide this package of services to RUSH Soccer”, Said Director of iSoccerPath, Jeff Jaye. “We get to work with one family in every club across the US and Canada and help RUSH Soccer increase their college commits at all their clubs, no matter if the player/family has means or if they are on the A team or the B team in each age group.”

Rush Soccer CAP Director, Andrew Vanover on the relationship between Rush Soccer and iSoccerPath; “Rush Soccer is pleased to offer the service of iSoccerPath to our student athletes.  This program not only benefits the top level player at the club, but is encompassing to all players and families at the club. The fact that iSoccerPath, is willing to provide one free package for each club at the Rush, shows their belief in the program and will continue to progress the Rush CAP program for years to come.”