(San Ramon, CA) iSoccerPath, the leading college education company for youth soccer clubs, leagues and Associations in the U.S. is honored to announce it has reached a partnership with EXACT Sports out of Chicago, IL.  EXACT Sports is the largest youth sports ID camp company in the Country providing 80+ ID camps in 2018 over 20 states. 

“We are very excited to announce that we have partnered with EXACT Sports.  Since the end of the recent Summer college ID camp season, we went in search of a college ID camp company that would align with our goals, values and growth into all 50 States and Canada,”  said Director of iSoccerPath, Jeff Jaye. “The owners of Exact were a pleasure to work with. By the end of the first call we literally had the framework in place to come together and increase the value to EXACT Soccer Camps players and parents. With iSoccerPath’s on site college soccer panels and College Kick Off Program to get players on the right track to earn a college roster spot now being offered at select EXACT Camps we will be able to educate more players and parents on the college education process.  With our network of over 200 college coaches who have worked our college panels to EXACT’s 1000+ college coaches who have worked their camps, anyone who chooses EXACT Soccer Camps and iSoccerPath will be way ahead in learning the process and getting evaluated to become a student athlete.”

“We are excited to form a partnership with iSoccerPath,” said Sam Morgan, Director at EXACT Sports. “The primary objective at EXACT’s ID Camps is to educate players and parents on what it takes, on and off the field, to succeed at the next level. We want every player who participates in our program to have the option of playing his or her sport in college. Navigating the college recruiting process is one of the most challenging aspects of the journey for families. iSoccerPath will offer families at our events yet another great resource to help them understand the college process, and most importantly, what they need to do to get a college roster spot,” Morgan said.

EXACT Sports provides a new way of looking at athletes. Since its founding, EXACT’s work has focused on understanding the major components of an athlete’s success: physical conditioning, behavioral characteristics, mental aptitude, and technical skills. EXACT works across all team sports, youth through professional, and with both genders. Its tools have been used by the US Soccer, National Hockey League, Major League Lacrosse, Major League Soccer, United Soccer Leagues and USL Olympic Development Program, and colleges across the country.

For more information on EXACT Soccer ID Camps, visit www.exactsports.com/soccer

Sign up your son/daughter with isoccerpath, visit www.isoccerpath.com