(For Immediate Release – June 27, 2018)

After more than three years of development and dozens of our high school boys and girls earning college acceptances and soccer roster spots, iSportsPath is elated to announce our inaugural product iSoccerPath, is now LIVE!  The iSoccerPath college education program is uniquely customized for youth soccer players. It is available to all students in the 8th grade and up who hope to become student-athletes in college. 

iSportsPath offers the only streamlined and affordable solution to the oftentimes confusing, expensive and time-consuming college identification process to families in the U.S. and Canada. The iSoccerPath education portal was designed specifically for youth soccer players. It includes a proprietary evaluation process and essential educational content, presented by grade level with quarterly learning modules.  iSoccerPath prioritizes and prepares student-athletes to become highly identified prospects based on their skill level, academic record, and family’s financial priorities.

  • For ParentsiSoccerPath alleviates the high cost, stress, and anxiety of navigating the complex college admission process iSoccerPathstreamlines their child’s academic and athletic requirements through a simple, user-friendly portal that keeps their child accountable to the program. iSoccerPathis partnered with SAT/ACT prep experts, TestRocker, to help each child achieve their highest possible test scores. 
  • For StudentsiSoccerPath prepares and educates each student through engaging, age-appropriate, mobile-friendly, short-form content.  iSoccerPath players of every age and skill level gain a clear understanding of the college process and become better-prepared, highly identified prospects to college soccer coaches and admissions departments. 
  • For College CoachesiSoccerPath saves coaches time and resources by developing primed prospects to fill their incoming rosters. iSoccerPath is NOT a recruiting site, which attracts college coaches to speak freely at iSoccerPath College ID camps and on youth club panels and events.
  • For ClubsiSoccerPath provides an essential service to club members who are clamoring for greater value for their club fees.  iSoccerPath complements each club’s current in-house college resources by providing support and education to parents, thus helping to alleviate anxiety and create family loyalty to the club. In addition, iSoccerPath offers a referral marketing benefit program to help bring in new families and new revenues. The full offerings of iSoccerPath ultimately help club participants achieve more college commitments year over year.

The initial results have been amazing.

  • “If it wasn’t for the help from the iSoccerPath program, I wouldn’t have the opportunities with colleges I have today.” – iSoccerPath Student
  • “There is finally a connector from the club game to the college game.”  – D1 Men’s NCAA Final Four Coach

Visit us at www.iSoccerPath.com so we can help you achieve your dream of playing college soccer!  

*iSoccerPath offers many of their program details and benefits in Spanish.