(Livermore, California)- iSoccerPath, the premier education and evaluation company for families of prospective college soccer student athletes, is honored to announce a first of its kind, strategic educational partnership with the Livermore Fusion Soccer Club.  

iSoccerPath and Livermore Fusion have agreed to offer its family education packages to all NPL (National Premier League) teams at Fusion.   This will ensure that every high school-age soccer player at Livermore Fusion SC will now have access to all the tools to give them the best chance of earning a roster spot to play soccer in college, and learn important life skills that help gain admission in colleges all over the US.  

“Livermore Fusion SC has come a long way in the last five years, especially in the area of educating and developing talented players to play at the top level and now in the National Premier Leagues. Recently we added a great program called the College Mentorship Program; this program is available to every player at Livermore Fusion SC,” explains Ben Graham, Director of Coaching at Fusion. “The program is in place to support and educate our players in their journey to selecting the right college. Adding the component of iSoccerPath to our NPL teams now brings further value, education, support and success for those players who want to become collegiate student-athletes. We are very excited and proud of what we can now offer these players, and look forward to placing even more players in the college of their dreams.“ 

iSoccerPath will be working directly with Fusion players and their families to enhance and increase the chances of getting a roster spot in a college soccer program.  “Our goal is to have the Livermore Fusion Soccer players and their families at the forefront of the process of becoming a collegiate student athlete.  Livermore and iSoccerPath together will give the players the best opportunity to reach their goals of playing soccer at the next level,” says Jeff Jaye, Managing Director of iSoccerPath.  Jeff also adds, “ Working with Ben Graham. the Fusion Board, and the excellent Fusion staff coaches to help build their college placement program is a great honor for us, and we are excited to increase college commits for Fusion.  No club has ever taken this bold step and made this type of commitment to its families to give each player the added value of what iSoccerPath offers as a whole. It is a groundbreaking change in club culture that we at iSoccerPath are extremely excited and honored to be involved in with Livermore Fusion.  We are very proud of this new venture, and hope it will spread to other clubs and their families.” 

To learn more about iSoccerPath visit their website at www.isoccerpath.com

To Learn more about Livermore Fusion SC visit their site at http://www.fusionsc.org/