(San Ramon, California) – iSoccerPath, the premier education and evaluation company for families of prospective college soccer student athletes, is honored to announce it has entered into a 3 year partnership to be the exclusive college advisory education company for  De Anza Force Soccer Club in Northern California. iSoccerPath & De Anza Force

iSoccerPath will be providing comprehensive college education services to all Force teams and affiliates to help 8th thru 12th grade players become student athletes at the college level. College Soccer Panels, the event division of iSoccerPath has hosted Force’s  College Coach Education Panels for the past 4 years.

 iSoccerPath will be working directly with FORCE’s soccer players to enhance and increase the chances of getting hard to get college roster spots and admission into college to receive their education.  “Our goal is to have all FORCE players and their families at the forefront of the process of becoming student athletes and getting into college thru soccer. ”   said Jeff Jaye, Managing Director of iSoccerPath.

Working with Jeff Baicher over the past 7 years on various club projects and watching them grow their commits and develop an infrastructure that includes ECNL, USSF Development Academy, and NPL is going to be a great project for iSoccerPath.  Even though they currently are the top club in Nor Cal for college commits year after year, the vision of the club and Board is to increase those opportunities for the Premier teams and affiliates coming on board to join Force in 2017.  The goal is to go from 36 commits a year for both boy and girls to over 70 a year!

 “Force is committed to being the club whose focus for its players and families is to not only offer all the top programs and showcases in the US to be evaluated at but the top technical and tactical development to make every Force player the best player they can be in front of college coaches.  We believe it is our role as a club to just not teach soccer skills but to invest our resources and time in developing soccer character and afford skills that will help player become a role model and leader as they progress in life.  We take that role very seriously and we are making a huge investment by bringing in iSoccerPath to help us reach these goals we are instituted for 2017 and beyond” Jeff Baicher President and DOC of Force Soccer Club.

“Having iSoccerPath as our college advisory company for all our teams and affiliates with their reputation as the leader in their field is a honor for us.  College coaches around the Country all say that the iSoccerPath education program and college soccer panels they put on are second to none and one they support”  We look forward to our partnership and working with Jeff and his staff to help all our players in all the areas needed to be a success not only on the field but in the classroom and life.

To learn more about iSoccerPath visit their website at www.isoccerpath.com and for De Anza Force SC visit www.deanzaforce.org