Welcome California Thorns. The new USSDA women’s playing league team in the Bay Area affiliates with iSoccerPath to help all Thorns players get into college to become soccer student athletes!

February 10 2107, California Thorns FC has approved iSoccerPath as college education advisory company. iSoccerpath is the company that runs National College Panel information nights. Players on all our Thorns teams, who strive to play collegiate soccer at any level (Div 1, Div 2, Div 3, NAIA) will benefit from the help, support, and experience that iSoccerpath brings to the planning and execution of your daughters ambition to become a student athlete.

In recent years, with the growth of youth soccer across the U.S., it is more competitive than ever to play collegiate soccer. A large part of the planning and execution historically falls upon the family. iSoccerpath will inform, educate, and help you develop a plan of action for your daughter and family to be successful in these efforts!

Thorns staff and coaches will remain actively involved throughout the recruiting process and in partnership with iSoccerpath to increase our commits for all our teams.

The ISP program is the one to complement our Thorns staff guidance. Your odds of getting to a school of your choice and achieving a dream of becoming a college student athlete increase exponentially.