iSoccerPath, the premier education company for families of prospective college soccer student-athletes, is happy to announce it has partnered with soccer-specific Rocketbooks Fundraising to tackle that problem.

More often than not, funding can be a major roadblock at the youth soccer level for players and coaches trying to properly develop.

“We spent the last 4 months interviewing soccer fundraising companies and finally we came across RocketBooks and Owner Scott Holt,” said iSoccerPath’s Jeff Jaye. “Since fundraising is a critical piece for clubs to be successful and operate so kids can enjoy the game of soccer, iSoccerPath is including RocketBooks in our new Club Benefit Program rolling out to our over 150 clubs, college ID camps and Showcases.”

As a soccer-specific fundraising company, Rocketbooks Fundraising brings valuable knowledge of what it takes for clubs to run successful campaigns and help ensure the thought of club fees like jerseys and tournament registrations don’t take the focus away from helping players and coaches develop.

“We are honored to become the National Fundraising Partner for all of iSoccerPath’s youth clubs, leagues, associations as well as their college ID camps and showcases across the U.S. and Canada,” said Scott Holt, President of Rocketbooks.

While Rocketbooks helps financially fund the soccer club experience, iSoccerPath gives the players and families the tools to navigate the process for student-athletes to the collegiate level.

Jaye believes that the new partnership will help bridge the gap that pay-to-play programs have created for families of players who can’t afford expensive fees.

“We pride ourselves on partnering with our clubs and camps to help them raise money so more at-need families and players get the chance to earn their dream of playing college soccer.”

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