We all know the struggles of being a senior who wants to play college soccer but doesn’t have any coaches showing interest, and it’s September! As you see your teammates committing to their dream schools, the pressure seems to build. The stress and frustrations quickly become overwhelming as you feel the possibility slipping away.

Now isn’t the time to throw in the towel, it’s time to let iSoccerPath show you how you can still make that dream a reality. Not only will we remove that stress by showing you exactly what you need to be doing to secure a roster spot, but we have a 90-Day program that is specifically designed for you as a Senior without any real options available yet.

College coaches are consistently amazed by the number of seniors that are unaware of the things they can and should be doing during the next 3 to 5 months before Letter of Intent signing day. Especially if you decide to take 3 months off to play Fall or Winter High School soccer where you’ll lose another 3 months in the process. 

College coaches that work with iSoccerPath believe in our program and helped write the 90 day accelerated program themselves. It allows ISP to educate players on the recruiting process so when you get to the coaches you are doing exactly what you need to be doing to find those last few open roster spots.

Help yourself by showing college coaches you are willing to put in the work; there are still many opportunities for seniors to play soccer in college and iSoccerPath’s 90-Day program will show you exactly how to do it, one step at a time.

It may not be too late now, but every day you don’t take action the pool of opportunities gets smaller and smaller. Invest in your future right now by signing up with iSoccerPath.

What are you waiting for?? Go to to visit our website to sign up for the Senior program and get started tonight. Every day counts, don’t give up. If you are playing high school soccer you have got to be doing all the regular things during September, October and November. We have those tasks waiting for you in your ISP portal.

*We are NCAA approved as a non-recruiting/non-scouting company. April, 2019*