This week’s blog will hopefully bring you a smile and a laugh. Many of these computerized cartoon videos have circulated the soccer scene over the past few years but this one I recently watched is so real it’s scary as it is funny.

Going around the Country and hosting College Soccer Panels with the top coaches in college soccer the stories they are telling about the current recruiting environment and challenge to become a student athlete are daunting.

Listening to other people, relying on “I’m good, coaches will find me”, or thinking you’re getting a full ride are just simply not true. The reality is 80% of the process now is family and player responsibility vs the club getting you a roster spot in college. You have to put in the work and coaches more and more want the personal touch and not a recruit service robo email.

We, at iSoccerPath are NOT a recruiting service per the NCAA, we are an education company that helps families, players and clubs get that 80% of the process on a daily/weekly and monthly basis.  We help you with this simple concept, if coaches get 100 emails a day from all over the country to come to their school and all of them have videos and game eval requests, how does your son/daughters email get opened? How does their video get watched and finally HOW do you get the coach to come to watch for 15-20 minutes that they may have at a showcase??  The secret sauce is what we provide at

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