In the recruitment process, there are a good amount of talented players that are interested in playing at the University of Delaware, what type of character traits do you look for in a player that fall in line with your program values and personality?

Being in a University setting, a setting of exploration and learning, I like to defer to the literary canons as the place to answer a question like this. There is no perfect answer but I do like to recruit athletes who are what Abraham Maslow referred to as “self-actualizers.” These would be curious young men who are comfortable in wading into any situation in order to be the best that they can be.

Every individual on my team at the University of Delaware is on a very unique journey, a journey that intersects at an academic, athletic and social intersection. Give me the student-athlete who is interested in finding the right balance of these and is willing to stretch themselves, not be afraid to fail and I think that you can start to describe the sort of recruit that we are attracted to. From experience, this is easier said than done, it requires some honest thought and conversation and can get really uncomfortable for some, but I think at the end of four years it can be a period of real growth. When my staff or I talk to recruits if we get a sense that this is the type of person we are recruiting, it is a great start.