At our College Coach Education Panels we put on all over the US at clubs, showcases and ID camps, we hear how social media can ruin your chances to be recruited.   As soon as you become a “prospect” from a college coach, immediately interns in the athletic dept. go to work to find everything they can about the player AND the parents from their social media footprint.  They don’t just do it once, but everyday looking for something that can prove what type of character you have.  

With the amount of great and talented soccer players now and most have 4.0 gpa’s it’s easy for a college coach to just pass on a player that has something negative on their site and move to next candidate.

At a recent College Soccer Panel, Tracy Hamm, the women’s head coach at San Francisco State University, made a comment that she actually believes social media can help in the process and explained why.  She was the first coach to bring this up and since we have incorporated it into our iSoccerPath membership package for our clients and more coaches are now commenting on this topic.

Coach Hamm shared that she is looking for posts from prospective recruits that show things like doing charity work in the community, attending one of her games and posting in attendance, and posts where the recruit is maybe wearing the gear of her school to show interest. 

All great ideas to pass along.  Remember these things when it comes to social media:

  • Don’t let a 140 word tweet cost you a 140,000 college education
  • Count to 10 before you send
  • Don’t post it if you wouldn’t want your grandparents to see it
  • Pick a day each week when you go in to all your accts and review and delete any bad items or tags
  • Parents, your social media is being watched as well so be aware
  • You have worked for up to 10 years to get this opportunity, don’t let 1 post, tweet or Instagram ruin it

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