Be careful what you post! College coaches always look at the full player.  They look at their abilities on the field, their skill and technique, their decision making, how they behave with their team or with their coach, their character, and many other components.  If they like what they see they may contact a player’s club coach.  Then they will ask questions and look into their social media footprint.  Coaches are not only looking for great players, they’re looking for students who they want representing their school.

Most college soccer programs use interns to review potential recruits to their program.  Their role is to find anything that could make a coach question a student’s character. We continuously hear from college coaches that there are so many good soccer players with great grades to choose from now that a negative social media post or tag can easily remove your son/daughter from their watch list.  Also, parents, YES, they are looking at yours too as they say the “apple doesn’t fall from the tree”.  

It’s never too early to learn the importance of your player’s “brand”, or what everyone sees and thinks of them.  And remember, even if your kids don’t plan to play in college, protecting their “brand” is important because all colleges now are checking social media accounts at time of admission decision.  And the scrutiny continues even after college, as any job they apply for will have the same process to go through.

Take the time now to educate your children on the importance of scrubbing their footprint on the internet.  All it takes is 1 post to take away your child’s soccer dreams.

iSoccerPath assists your family in this very important part of the college education process to ensure your kids are at the top of the college coaches recruit board.