In Northern California, De Anza Force Soccer Club has become synonymous with getting players into colleges with scholarship money, as well as helping them move on to successful college and pro careers.

With that, it should come as no surprise to hear that the Force has shared a relationship with iSoccerPath for 3 years, and boasts a 90 percent commitment rate of Seniors over the last 5 years for their ECNL and USSF academy teams.

The success doesn’t stop with the Force’s top sides however, as in 2018 a club record eight players from their “B” or 2nd teams also earned roster offers to become student athletes,  helping push the total number to almost 40 players going into college this Fall.

“Having these results in one of our biggest clubs, with the addition of eight players getting into college to get their education who are not on the ‘top’ team in the club, is a huge win for Force and iSoccerPath,” said Jeff Jaye, Founder of iSoccerPath.

As clubs continue to find more success with getting players from secondary level teams to the collegiate level, positive results on the field are sure to follow.

“We are seeing much more family loyalty to stay at Force and a commitment to keeping their sons and daughters here, knowing we are the biggest club in the Bay Area for college commits and amounts of scholarship monies received for our families,” said Force SC Director of Coaching Jeff Baicher.

“It goes to show that clubs who are dedicated and willing to rolling out our program get results,” Jaye said. “The club can now use these numbers and success stories to market at tryouts so families that make the “B” or 2nd team know they don’t have to drive to another club to make the “A’ team to be noticed.”

With the recent rollout of the iSoccerPath Online Portal, players and families have easier access than ever to the information needed to become a successful college student-athlete.

“We want to be the club who every year finds ways to promote all our players who want a spot in college, and to give them all the help we can,” Baicher said. “iSoccerPath gives us that and more.”