Dallas Jaye Signs 2nd Pro Contract!

iSoccerPath founders Jeff & Barbara Jaye are proud to announce that their son has signed his 2nd pro contract with Phoenix Rising in the USL. The path that they took as parents watching and learning the recruiting process with Dallas is what prompted them to start iSoccerPath. Helping families navigate all the secret ins and outs of playing soccer in college and, you never know, maybe a chance to play in the pros if that is their dream. We would love to help you enjoy the same experience for your son/daughter, so visit www.isoccerpath.com to sign up your future college student athlete today!  We will get them working on their plan right away to get them caught up and get ahead.

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  1. Ben Edwards February 7, 2018 at 6:05 pm - Reply

    Congrats to Dallas! Thanks for sharing what you’ve learned through his journey. We came to your event at ShowCase KC and took a ton of notes. Wanted to share one anecdote that we noticed after hearing you talk about the number of scholarships spots open to US high school players.

    We watched the NCAA Div 2 finals at Swope Park. The men’s team that won it all was really talented but they only had 1 US player on the roster and I don’t know if he even got on the field. Thanks again for all the info you shared.

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