Over the past year CSP have had over 100 college coaches participate in the College Soccer Panels events.  One of the most important questions or topics is:

“What is the best value, time wise and financially to get seen by college coaches?”

Coaches are given 5 choices:

  • High School games
  • Club games
  • College Showcases
  • College ID camps
  • ODP/TC type of play dates

In the last 9 months the answer from over 80% of them is “College ID Camps” offers a better look at players interested in playing for their program. That is a paradigm shift from the last few years where it was college showcases and club games #1 and #2 respectfully.

Why is this?  College ID camps have always been thought of money makers for the coaches, overcrowded, low on talent, and very expensive over a 1 to 3 day period.

The answer simply is that due to the enormous amount of soccer players who are skilled, athletic and have good grades it has made the task of identification exponentially more difficult for college coaches with their limited travel budgets.

Here is what we found from the coaching panels:

Viewing Players at Club Games

College Coaches will attend club games but need to be able to view multiple players or multigames a day.  As NCAA rules apply to D1-D2 coaches that they have a limited amount of visits (off campus) to view a player.  If multiple players are within a particular team or game it gives the coach more incentive to attend.

Viewing Players at Showcase or Tournaments:

It is impossible to get a good evaluation in just one game or in 15 to 20 minutes at a showcase. 

Coaches on average view 30-40 games over 2 to 3 days at a showcase and having only 10-15 minutes at each game it has become too hard as they get 100-200 email requests a day leading up to a showcase to visit players’ games.  Coaches prioritize by grad year and positions needed to replace current graduating soccer athletes and needs of the team

Viewing Players at High School Games

High School games are mostly thought of as very low value due to the level of competition.   D1-D2 coaches are limited by NCAA rules as to how many visits they can see a player offsite of campus which they prefer to use at tournaments or showcases where they can see an abundance of players in highly competitive soccer environment.  NAIA and JC coaches that are not held by these NCAA rules can often attend.  

Viewing Players at ODP or TC

ODP or Training Centers invite college coaches to view these players at these events and coaches can attend if they within a radius of the location that allows.   (These events are selected players only and not available to the larger population of players)

Viewing Players at College ID Camps

The reasons that coaches now encourage 1 day college id camps and multi coach 1-2 camps are listed below:

  • Coaches have much more time to evaluate players
  • Players are grouped within their grad year to play amongst peers
  • NCAA allows one on one communication by coaching staff at camp to learn character
  • Current college players run drills and can get to know recruits during day
  • Players can get a feel of the campus, staff, food, and dorms to see if a possible fit
  • Costs are usually affordable and offer viewing from multiple D1,D2, D3,NAIA and JC coaches
  • Players Can use camp to set up unofficial visit
  • Players Can receive an evaluation from college coach staff and know if should continue to pursue that program or not
  • Opportunity for player to work on branding and marketing yourself before and after camp using email and phone communications with coaching staff 

College ID camps are run several times a year by most college programs. They are typically in Spring, Summer, and over Xmas break.  Locating a college id camps can be done on the college soccer website and players must be proactive and do the work early since many camps sell out many weeks in advance.

ISP Secret Sauce Tip of the Day –   get an evaluation from someone you trust before signing up for a camp. Go to your DOC or club coach or use iSoccerPath to learn what camps based on your technical and grade abilities best fit your skill level. Don’t waste time and money going to college camps that you have no opportunity to play at or get thru the admissions process.

For this help and more if your goal is to get a roster spot in college please visit us at www.isoccerpath.com to help you in 2017!