During High School Soccer in the Fall, it can be easy to get caught up in the thrill of a new year and season, but beware of the trap college coaches across the country say players who aspire to be college soccer athletes are most likely to fall into.

As players and families become more and more busy with practice, games and travel. It’s easy to take the Fall soccer season off and just focus on your high school team.

The worst thing that your son/daughter can do during the season is lose contact with coaches, miss important dates like finding the right ID camps or scheduling visits.

iSoccerPath gets rid of all that stress that comes with the new Fall Soccer Season by providing detailed plans of how to stay on top of the things they need to daily, weekly and monthly.

Losing focus on college recruiting during those few months of high school soccer season could be time lost that players cannot regain. Avoid that reality with iSoccerPath programs designed by college coaches that give players the best opportunity to find their dream school.

iSoccerPath is the only NCAA-assessed & approved college education company that teaches the recruiting process to your kids and you as parents.

Why are you making your son/daughter wait?

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