Soccer education program for 8-12th grade soccer players has launched its 2019 Youth Soccer Club program to give students an advantage in the college ID process.

SAN RAMON, CA (April 24, 2019) – iSoccerPath (ISP), the premier education company for families of prospective college soccer athletes, has launched its new 2019 program and is now offering their valuable online platform to 8th to 12th grade soccer players nationwide.

iSoccerPath is an online learning platform created by college coaches for prospective college soccer athletes, grades 8-12th and their families. iSoccerPath’s 2019 program provides a step-by-step, online learning center for soccer players that includes education modules, secret tips, scholarship guidance, video evaluations, and more. Players use the ISP college coach- designed and -approved learning modules to increase their chances of earning a coveted roster spot offer from a college coach.

“Colleges want to hear directly from the prospective student athletes. As a soccer parent, I recognized the impersonal gap between expensive, traditional recruiting services and the NCAA and NAIA College ID processes.” says Jeff Jaye, Founder and President of iSoccerPath. “We created iSoccerPath to provide 8-12th grade students with the exact tools they need to standout in the college soccer selection process and create meaningful connections with their top education choices. To date, we are one of the only NCAA-assessed * programs that works alongside college coaches to help prospective soccer athletes earn their spot on a collegiate team.”

Unlike recruiting or scouting service companies, iSoccerPath uses their online, grade-based portal to teach the “how”, “when” and “ why” of directly communicating with coaches without the costly middleman.  The majority of the ISP programs are $30 a month or less. The players are provided tailored programs for their goals and personalized monthly calendars to stay on track.

In addition to benefitting players and families, iSoccerPath provides programs directly to the club, league and state association levels at no cost while additionally offering fundraising opportunities that can directly raise thousands for the organizations.  To learn more about iSoccerPath or sign-up for its 2019 program, please visit                                                  


iSoccerPath is a one-of-a-kind, non-recruiting and non-scouting education program for youth soccer players (8-12th grade) that provides the tools needed to become a collegiate soccer athlete. As one of the only NCAA- assessed * online education programs, iSoccerPath is designed and led by college soccer coaches and college soccer parents. Their unique online learning center provides education modules from college soccer coaches, secret tips on the college soccer process, personal evaluations and more that increase a player’s chance of earning a coveted offer from a college soccer coach.                                                                                                                                                                         * (AS OF 8/2016)

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