Youth Soccer: The 5 Worst Mistakes in College Recruiting

Jeff Jaye – Founder of iSoccerPath – Spoke With Diane Scavuzzo About Success, Soccer, and Life

Youth Soccer News: No one ever thought it was going to be easy — but, no one ever realized how complex the college recruiting process was.

In the sea of organizations offering assistance to excited but overwhelmed and often confused college-bound athletes, there are clear distinctions.

Jeff Jaye, director of iSoccerPath and College Soccer Panels is the first to agree the landscape is littered with confusing options that often only add to the clutter of sifting through options instead of refining the information.  After all, there are thousands of options and limited resources.

Jaye is a father of a student-athlete and a successful businessman who saw the need in the market and focuses his energy on providing real educational opportunities to parents and students athletes to help navigate the complex world of college recruiting.

Made for the parents by a parent. There is finally a connector from the club game to the college game. iSoccerPath helps prospective student-athletes find the correct fit,” says a Divison I Men’s NCAA Final Four Head Coach.

What motivates Jeff Jaye and how is iSoccerPath different? Here is an exclusive interview that offers a look behind the scenes.

Diane Scavuzzo: Are there secrets to getting recruited by a top college?

Jeff Jaye: Yes.

I think the biggest secret right now is that parents and kids don’t know that 80% of the process of getting a roster spot is all on them and not on their youth club.

Diane Scavuzzo: What are the top 5 mistakes players — and their parents — make when trying to get recruited by a college coach?

Jeff Jaye: The biggest mistake is not realizing that parents are not the ones being recruited. Parents are not the ones going to college.

The biggest mistake is parents’ involvement. Parents must stay out of the communication cycle.

  1. Coaches are not recruiting parents to play.
  2. Players do not know how to be interviewed by a college coach
  3. Players do not understand the impact of their social media footprint
  4. Parents and players do not realize being recruited is their responsibility
  5. Simple Fact: It is not the youth soccer club’s responsibility to get a player into college.

Diane Scavuzzo:  Sounds simple … 

Jeff Jaye: It is simple. We often discover players do not know how to interview — either in person or on phone. Players also think their social media footprint is private and can’t be seen by college coaches and admissions. I also see parents and players believing that it’s the club’s responsibility to get their son or daughter into college.

Diane Scavuzzo: How do you define success?

Jeff Jaye:  Success — it is when we make a difference — When a top youth soccer club director or club board takes the time to listen to what we offer and sees how it can help their players and parents.

I want iSoccerPath to be part of the clubs’ CAP programs. Our program helps players and their families become familiar and comfortable with the college education process — we can answer their questions, help them practice how to answer questions and how to rethink their social media posts.

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Diane Scavuzzo: How many kids have you worked with and helped?

Jeff Jaye: We are entering our third year and over 20,000 soccer families have attended our College Soccer Panels across the country. These include youth soccer club panels, college soccer id camps on campus, college soccer showcases and ID camps.  iSoccerPath has at any time over 200 boys and girls using our current programs.  In 2018, we plan on introducing our first-ever, national live on-line portal — then we will be able to work with over 10,000 families real time, right on their phones and help with real-time college education services.

Diane Scavuzzo: What is the most surprising thing you have learned about recruiting — since you launched iSoccerPath?

Jeff Jaye: That everything I think I know from working with college coaches changes every 3 to 6 months.

Between the NCAA and NAIA changing their rules on recruiting policies to coaches looking for many different types of players — the recruiting process is complex and it’s not just about being the best player or the one with the best grades anymore.

Diane Scavuzzo: There is so much talk about the U.S. Socer Development Academy (DA) and college coaches wanting to recruit players — Does being a player on a “DA” team really make a big dierence?

Jeff Jaye: The DA or ECNL senior gets about 8% of the 14,000 spots for boys and girls a year.

That accounts for approximately 1,200 or so college roster spots.

While playing on a DA team does have advantages — with the extra exposure to college showcases — not being in one does not hinder a player’s recruiting opportunity.

In fact, college coaches have started to tell us that ID camps versus College Showcases now are the main ways to get seen and be evaluated.


Diane Scavuzzo: Is it practical to expect a college scholarship? 

Jeff Jaye: First, there are 0 athletic scholarships in D3.


Division I programs have more scholarships but many are not fully funded at 14 for girls and 9.9 for boys.

If you go into the process thinking you won’t get any and you will get money from the other 3 buckets of funds — grades, government aid, and online scholarships — you will be so far in front of the game.

Diane Scavuzzo: Is it worth paying for help to navigate the college process?

Jeff Jaye: That’s a family’s choice. There are programs out there that charge thousands of dollars to do work that we believe college coaches never even look at or even respond to.

I think that iSoccerPath has found a way to keep it at $20 to $40 a month for what we offer. If we can give your family the tools to get your son’s or daughter’s emails opened, videos watched and coaches to their games, it is worth it.

Just think of the numbers — the sheer number of soccer players trying to get a spot is overwhelming.

Only roughly 7,000 spots each year for boys and 7,000 for girls programs and over 250,000 high school seniors trying — so having a small advantage is worth paying for.

Also, there are families that are stretched so thin time-wise with multiple kids and sports, we offer a little relief that way to them. Plus, we are familiar with this process — for first time parents, working with us can be invaluable and make a huge, lifelong difference.

Note: Part II of the Interview with Jeff Jaye, founder of iSoccerPath will come out next week!

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iSoccerPath adds Texas Staff Director Jose Tellez

(San Ramon, California) – iSoccerPath, the premier education and evaluation company for families of prospective college soccer student athletes, is happy to announce the addition of new Coaching Director, Jose Tellez to its staff.  Jose has accepted a coaching director staff position, starting April 15th, 2017. 

Tellez will be working to serve our parents and players in the Texas and Southwest area where he has long term playing and college education assistance ties.

“We are excited to add Jose to our staff at iSoccerPath (ISP) .” said Jeff Jaye, Managing Director of iSoccerPath, “Jose has an excellent relationship in the youth soccer rich state of Texas and the last 3 years has been working in the college education field mentoring families on how to become student athletes in college. His knowledge will be an integral part of growing our presence and serving the youth soccer clubs, leagues and Associations in Texas.”

Jose Tellez played college soccer at Midwestern State University and graduated from University of North Texas. In the last 3 years he has had a 100% success rate assisting and educating players on the process to gain a college roster spot.

“I bring passion and industry experience to iSoccerPath which I believe is the most innovative and professional college education company in the U.S.  I’m extremely excited to help educate families and ultimately make their dreams of playing soccer come true.”

 Welcome Jose to the ISP family!

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iSoccerPath and StellaRossa FC enter strategic partnership

(San Ramon, California) – iSoccerPath, the premier education and evaluation company for families of prospective college soccer student athletes, is honored to announce it has been approved to work with the StellaRossa FC in Toronto, Canada.

This is the first international club to be affiliated with iSoccerPath and will focus on educating parents and players on the process of getting a college roster spot in a US University.

iSoccerPath will be working with the StellaRossa FC over the next year to provide critical assistance in preparing the club’s families to learn the process of getting an international spot into college.

“We are very excited to expand the iSoccerPath brand into Canada and the chance to work with DOC Nikola Paunic, as he starts his first club is not only challenging but exciting. Our goal over the next year is to provide the most relevant information on how to become a college student athlete to Stella Rossa FC club members.” said Jeff Jaye, Managing Director of iSoccerPath. 

To learn more about iSoccerPath visit their website at:

To learn more about Stella Rossa FC visit their website at:

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isoccerpath featured on

College Discussion Panel Held at SDDA Showcase

The San Diego Development Academy (SDDA) College Showcase allowed top level youth soccer players from San Diego to put their skills to the test in front of college scouts who were searching for upcoming talent. The College Soccer Showcase also provided players and parents with the highly valuable opportunity to hear from college recruits in a discussion panel held on both days of the tournament. 

Youth Soccer News: Presidio Soccer League and San Diego Development Academy (SDDA) were proud to host their 4th annual College Showcase with 244 youth soccer teams participating in this year’s successful event.

The event was held on November 12th and November 13th at the San Diego Polo Fields — featuring teams from birth years 1997 – 2005.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 4.14.36 PMThe two day event included highlighting talented younger players with five Cal South ODP coaches scouting on Saturday. On Sunday, the College Showcase took place.

SDDA Youth Soccer Showcase College Forum with iSoccer

The SDDA Youth Soccer event also included two conferences on playing soccer for parents and players. SDDA partnered with Jeff Jaye and iSoccer Path to coordinate the discussions that included six college coaches per session.

ISoccerPath Logo

An interactive question and answer session followed the college coach discussion period and parents and players were able to ask questions on what coaches look for and what can and can’t be done according to NCAA rules.

“It was so relevant,” said Presidio Soccer League President Bob Turner. “The players and parents both had so many questions – it was great. The question and answer period could have gone on much longer.  We are so proud we were able to offer this to our soccer players and their families.”

“iSoccer’s slogan is Your Bridge from Club Soccer to College Student Athlete and Jeff did a great job at the SDDA Showcase,” said Turner.

“The SDDA showcase panel was one of our best attended events,” said Jeff Jaye, Managing Director of iSoccerPath and College Soccer Panels. “We offer our panels for free to as many youth club or group as we can and we were honored to be partnered with San Diego Presidio Soccer League to provide college education. Bob, his staff and Board of SDDA ran their event in a highly professional way — the showcase was amazing. We look forward to being invited back and helping more players and parents.”

iSoccerPath offers a one of a kind comprehensive parent/player education and assistance program for players starting as early as the 8th grade.


At the Showcase, Turner spoke about his experience as a parent of college bound players and his son’s youth development during his teenage years. Turner clearly explained to the audience that in his opinion, players do not receive a lot of assistance from their high schools with the college process — and while many youth soccer clubs try to help meet the needs of all their players, many are only able to concentrate on the top, elite players.

“Parents need to be educated,” said Turner. “Having an athlete want to play collegiate sports, and having them apply to college is not a simple process. SDDA is happy to help provide information.”


The process of applying to college, searching for scholarships and tryout for roster spots is often overwhelming. The discussions received an overwhelmingly positive response from the 375 individuals that were in attendance.

SDDA and Presidio Soccer League remain dedicated to providing teams in attendance with the necessary resources to help prepare them for the next step in a player’s career along with top competition at their events.


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