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BEACH Futbol Club adds iSoccerPath

San Ramon, California – iSoccerPath, the premier education and evaluation company for families of prospective college soccer student athletes, is happy to announce it has been approved to offer it’s college education programs to Beach FC. 

iSoccerPath will be working with Beach parents and players to enhance and increase their chances of getting a roster spot on a college soccer program.

“We are very excited to work with Beach and their excellent coaching staff. Our goal is to work very closely with DoC Mauricio Ingrassia, CAP Director Tara Parker and their coaches to provide their parents and players the most current & relevant information on how to become a college student athlete.” said Jeff Jaye, Managing Director of iSoccerPath

“Whenever we can be affiliated with a youth soccer club that is run by one of the top college coaches in the US, that is the highest honor for us at iSoccerPath. It means that they realize the value of what our programs due behind the scenes to add value to the families of their clubs. Coach Mauricio is committed to getting all his players into college thru soccer, no matter what level in the club they play on. We are excited to increase college commitments and work with Beach” 

To learn more about iSoccerPath visit their website at
To learn more about Beach FC visit their website at

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League Network & iSoccerPath Announce Soccer Club Fundraising Pact

Top Sports Innovator in Fundraising & Media Helps #1 College Education Sports Advisor Raise Funds for Soccer Clubs

 NEWARK, NJ – 10 May, 2017 –, home of the “new team fundraising habit” and free youth sports league management best practice media, and, “Your bridge from club soccer to college student athlete,” have joined forces to give America’s soccer clubs and teams access to more funds.

By giving soccer clubs, leagues and associations that work with iSoccerPath advantaged access to the Assisted Fundraising program, clubs can now raise funds easier, faster, safer and more reliably than ever.  And LeagueNetwork’s free best practice media helps iSoccerPath club leaders improve their operations, offer new video resources to coaches, and give access to the world’s largest tournament directory. Assisted Fundraising campaigns for iSoccerPath clubs are conducted by an expert campaign Captain in English, Spanish or French, and deliver results in 25 days or less, for a small 15% fee.

iSoccerPath is a unique comprehensive parent/player education and college advisor program that encompasses a comprehensive age calendar,  communication and tutorial sessions for families of competitive youth soccer players.  iSoccerPath streamlines the arduous process of improving your 8th to 12th grade player’s potential to compete and become a highly visible student athlete prospect for college coaches.  iSoccerPath has a nationally recognized coaching and administrative staff that teaches prospective recruits the secret tips on how to market themselves to college coaches.

  • LeagueNetwork Assisted Fundraising Assisted Fundraising raises money for teams easier, faster, safer, more reliably than GoFundMe.             

  • LeagueNetwork Media

More free youth sports best practice videos, directories and guidance for free than any single media source.

  • iSoccerPath

Your bridge from club to college.

League Network Founder Anne-Sophie Whitehead, herself a 16-year leader of a large youth sports league, said, “The path from club to college is just as confusing as it is to raise funds for your club or find best practices.  Both League Network and iSoccerPath help navigate parents and their youth athletes toward success, which is why it’s a good idea to work together.  By raising money and practice standards for youth leagues, and help iSoccerPath help kids bridge into college programs, we deliver on the promise of our motto, ‘better leagues, better lives’.”

In the words of iSoccerPath Managing Director Jeff Jaye, a parent of three who now play at the international, pro, college and youth levels, “.  iSoccerPath is an education company that uses youth soccer to pursue the goal of a college education, for all players regardless of financial need. As a result, our program for youth club, league and association clients has always included a fundraising package to cover the costs of travel, player fees and scholarships.  League Network gives clubs an easier, faster, safer, more reliable way to raise money.  In the 17 years I have been involved in youth soccer at every level, League Network is far and away the future of youth sports fundraising.  We are honored to work with them to help all players who want to pursue their college dreams.”

About League Network PBC

League Network PBC’s Assisted Fundraising raises funds easier, faster, safer and more reliably than any method available for youth and high school teams.  Launched in 2016, is on track to raise funds at a $6 million annualized pace in 2017.’s print, online and conference media are the #1 source of free best practice guides, videos and tournament directories subscribed to by the leaders of 41,000 youth sports leagues in 21 team sports.  Founded at the technology incubator at the New Jersey Institute of Technology by serial tech and media entrepreneurs Anne-Sophie and Jay Whitehead, League Network is backed by investors including impact VCs, celebrity athletes, and tech angels.  League Network was awarded TOP 50 MOST INNOVATIVE COMPANY IN SPORTS 2017 by the Sports Innovation Foundation, sponsored by Google, Microsoft and Team Sky.  More info at and   

About iSoccerPath

iSoccerPath is the premier education and evaluation company for families of prospective college soccer student athletes in the United States. Serving over 100 youth clubs and thousands of players with the goal of gaining admission into college thru youth soccer.  Starting at the 8th grade level thru High School Senior graduation, iSoccerPath’s program includes every aspect of the process to identify and achieve your child’s true potential in the classroom and on the field.   We are run and staffed by parents of Division 1 athletic scholarship student-athletes and have been through the process for years, learning all the rules and nuances associated with getting your son/daughter evaluated to play in college along the way. We are an education and evaluation service that assists families and players from a tutorial perspective.

Media Contacts:  Jason Gordon, Strong Social,, 347-696-1055, Anne-Sophie Whitehead Founder,, 973-755-5577.

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The Coaches Role in the Recruiting Process!

We’ve interviewed over 150 college coaches in the past two years during our club and college showcase College Soccer Panels.  They continuously repeat to us that one thing sticks out every time in the player ID process… how the club coach approaches his/her role during the recruit period.  

The last 5 years has seen a dramatic shift in the coaches impact not only on their own reputations and careers, but in the future opportunities for their players. Coaches must take more time than ever learning their players grades, test scores, ability to fit in to their playing style, and above all, character.

With more and more players trying to win a college roster spot, college coaches time for unofficial visits, phone calls, and visiting a recruits games are taking up two to three times as it used to.

It is important to build a reputation that college coaches should take your calls and recommendations for your players.  From our many interviews with college coaches we can confidently offer the tips below:

  • Do not set up a visit with us unless you have confidence that the player meets not only our academic requirements but can be an impact player on our team.
  • Learn how we play tactically and what type of players we regularly bring into our program.
  • After showcase games or game where we are in attendance, please stay around so we can find you if we have interest in your players. If we try to find you and you’re gone, we may not have time to follow up.
  • Whenever possible please come up and introduce yourself, especially if you’re a new or young coach and trying to establish your name and reputation.
  • The best thing you can do for yourself and your players when they show interest in coming to ID camps or setting up visits, is to give them an honest evaluation upfront. Having a player come to our camp or on a visit who has no chance to play for us is something we hate to see. It is important that they get your true advice as to where they should visit and reach out to, even if you are dissuading against a school that they think they can play in, when it does not match their true evaluation. 
  • Make sure that the player and family is strong on character on and off the field.  These traits are more and more important to our jobs and future and we need to trust your word.

Hopefully these tips will help you build your reputation with college coaches and help your players reach their dreams of playing in college!


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How a 140 Character Tweet Can Cost you a $140,000 Soccer Scholarship

Be careful what you post! College coaches always look at the full player.  They look at their abilities on the field, their skill and technique, their decision making, how they behave with their team or with their coach, their character, and many other components.  If they like what they see they may contact a player’s club coach.  Then they will ask questions and look into their social media footprint.  Coaches are not only looking for great players, they’re looking for students who they want representing their school.

Most college soccer programs use interns to review potential recruits to their program.  Their role is to find anything that could make a coach question a student’s character. We continuously hear from college coaches that there are so many good soccer players with great grades to choose from now that a negative social media post or tag can easily remove your son/daughter from their watch list.  Also, parents, YES, they are looking at yours too as they say the “apple doesn’t fall from the tree”.  

It’s never too early to learn the importance of your player’s “brand”, or what everyone sees and thinks of them.  And remember, even if your kids don’t plan to play in college, protecting their “brand” is important because all colleges now are checking social media accounts at time of admission decision.  And the scrutiny continues even after college, as any job they apply for will have the same process to go through.

Take the time now to educate your children on the importance of scrubbing their footprint on the internet.  All it takes is 1 post to take away your child’s soccer dreams.

iSoccerPath assists your family in this very important part of the college education process to ensure your kids are at the top of the college coaches recruit board.

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