iSoccerPath Online Presents A Clear Path To College Soccer

//iSoccerPath Online Presents A Clear Path To College Soccer

iSoccerPath Online Presents A Clear Path To College Soccer

By Tim Towle

For years, parents and players across the country have struggled to find crucial information that allows hopeful college bound student-athletes to make the next step in their soccer careers from high school to the next level and beyond.

After three years of hard work behind the scenes, iSoccerPath will now make it much easier to attain that information with the rollout of its signature online educational portal.

The iSoccerPath education portal was designed specifically for youth soccer players and their parents. It includes an evaluation process and essential educational content, presented by grade level with quarterly learning modules. iSoccerPath prioritizes and prepares student-athletes to become highly identified prospects based on their skill level, academic record, and family’s financial priorities.

Where iSoccerPath stands out from traditional soccer recruiting companies is the fact they aren’t a recruiting service. iSoccerPath has been deemed a non-recruiting service and a college education company by the governing entities who oversee these types of companies.

Parents and players have enough on their plates to consider while traversing the recruiting process; the last thing needed is a company with ulterior motives guiding prospects towards their partners or making promises on behalf of college coaches despite being prohibited by NCAA rules.

“iSoccerPath is truly innovative in that it streamlines the entire process in one place that specifically makes the student accountable,” said iSoccerPath CEO Alison Gerlach.

“As a parent of two teens, I know the serious anxiety that the process of getting into college causes. Before your child even starts high school, you feel like you are already behind, and for the student who also hopes to be a collegiate athlete, the process is even more confounded,” she said.

The team assembled by iSoccerPath boasts decades of soccer experience in the U.S. and abroad, whether as directors, coaches, players, or parents, making the company equipped to tackle any problem encountered throughout the recruiting process while also relating on a personal level.

After holding over 100 various youth club panels, college ID camps, and showcases around the country, in which almost 25,000 soccer players and parents have attended, the program’s feedback has been nothing short of glowing.

In less than three years, iSoccerPath has had almost 200 different college coaches across the country attend their panels, giving coaches the platform to speak directly to parents and players they’ve so desperately been craving.

Each panel is unique — there’s no scripted presentation going over the same bullet points night after night. The people in attendance want to hear about subjects applicable to themselves, and that’s what the coaches aim to address.

LA Galaxy Youth Director and former goalkeeper Dan Kennedy is a proponent of what iSoccerPath is trying to accomplish. “Coaches can’t thank you enough for engaging with these young athletes,” Kennedy said of the panels.

“The shared knowledge will undoubtedly help them in their journey to become college soccer student athletes.”

Not every coach is going to agree with each other on the best path to a collegiate career either, which further opens the door for conversations between players and programs to determine where the best fit is.

“We teach through the stories coaches tell of players who were and weren’t successful in marketing themselves to try and earn a spot in their program, and why that was,” iSoccerPath Founder and President Jeff Jaye said.

“Coaches know when they come to one of our panels that they’re going to have the opportunity to address 200-300 people in the room,” Jaye continued. “The fact that we’re NCAA-approved unlike recruiting companies gives these coaches the platform to speak freely and honestly to the families.”

iSoccerpath’s educational footprint has attracted the attention of over 150 youth clubs and college ID camps, as well as MLS, USL, and ECNL academies.

There isn’t a shortage of opportunities for players to interact with coaches and staff to plan the next step to a collegiate career.

“What gets me out of  bed every morning and continues to be my focus is getting that email from the player or parent that the student athlete had just received an offer from a college coach and made their dreams come true,” Jaye said. “That’s why I started this, to get players and parents away from what everyone believes is the wrong information in recruiting.”

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