These are the ten top mistakes we too often see parent do when it comes to their kids’ college recruiting process. Contact us today to get your son or daughter college career on the right track.

1. Fail to get an honest evaluation on son/daughter that includes Division and Conference recommendation as beginning of every season from coach.

2. Belief that it is the club’s responsibility to get their son/daughter into   college

3. Listen to other parents ­­about what they should do

4. Think that waiting till 10th or 11th grade is right time to start the process

5. Assume athletic scholarship and Division 1 college roster spot is attainable and do not cast wide net to other divisions.

6. Have the financial talk with their son/daughter early in process as to what type of schools they can afford to avoid acquiring student loan debt

7. Visit one college ID camp year after year and do not send son/daughter to the ones that match eval that year (see #1 above)

8. Contact coaches via email and in person directly versus having son/daughter work that process

9. Believe that college ID camps are money makers only and have no value in the recruit process

10. Allow son/daughter to take first offer to “get it over with” instead of waiting and going thru the process to find best fit.